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From human resources compliance to talent acquisition and talent development

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Employment Compliance

We're not lawyers, but we are experienced in managing HR compliance in California.  We are well-versed in federal and CA state law.  We advise CA employers on leaves of absence, strategies for minimizing employment litigation, and DEI initiatives that work!

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Talent Acquisition

The war for talent is ongoing! Finding the right talent is different for every organization, and for most positions, the search can be challenging. We work with you to define key performance indicators for success at your organization and then source and recruit the talent for your organization.

Game Strategy Plan

Talent Development

Discover your "North Star" and then work backward to "build" your way there. We complete a 360 to gain perspective on what the employer, manager, and employee want to see as a result of our training together.  From the collection of data, we then develop an Independent Development Plan for each team member and for the team. 


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